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    TruthJourneys Counseling

    Whether we realize it or not, we are all on a path to God in this life.

    You don’t have to believe in God to be on this path. What matters is not what we believe, but how willing we are to open to the unfolding journey of life itself, no matter what happens.


    For me, finding God is all about acknowledging our truth, and coming into a loving, accepting relationship with reality itself. I spent decades of my life running from my truth. Torah and Judaism turned out to be powerful tools for me. Judaism’s wisdom and insight inspired me, and at times lovingly compelled me, to reckon with my life. The journey wasn’t always easy, but learning how to stop running and to embrace the path has led me to great joy and purpose.


    In TruthJourneys Counseling, I bring these tools and insights to every session to help you find your place on your path.

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    TruthJourneys can help you in all the following ways and more:

    • If you are struggling to find your own truth

    • If you are going through a life-transition

    • If you are struggling with addiction

    • If you can’t get over the past, or are fearing the future

    • If you are seeking insight into your relationships

    • If you are feeling stuck in your life and want to figure out how to move forward

    • If you are seeking to develop your relationship to God

    • Or if you are looking for a life-purpose, to belong to something greater than yourself.

    TruthJourneys is not psychotherapy, nor does it replace psychotherapy. It is an opportunity to encounter wisdom and insight--grounded in Judaism--in relationship with a rabbi. You don’t have to be Jewish, or be religious, or believe in God to come to TruthJourneys. The tools and insights I offer are universally applicable. All you bring is yourself, a spirit of open-inquiry, and a willingness to find the truth of your life.


    The Chasidic master, Reb Gedaliah of Lunietz wrote, “The Truth is the essential principle of God”. By this he meant that the gateway to finding God--whatever God really is--begins with our uncovering our truth, our deepest feelings and longings, and our greatest hopes and desires. To find and embrace our path to to truth, to reality, to God, is our greatest task, as well as the source of our greatest strength and joy. I look forward to walking that journey together with you!

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